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Invensys Foxboro

Since 2001 MANRO has been working as a partner to Invensys’ Operations Management Division and has been extensively involved in the development of products from Invensys’ Foxboro brand. Some of them include:

  • NI Card Communication Device Type Manager – A device type manager for National Instruments FF communication card.
  • Block Type Manager for Foxboro devices – A COM module that works in Frame Application environment and is used for device’s blocks configuration.
  • EFS for FDM – Extended Frame Services part of the Field Device Manager project.
  • FDT Device Type Manager for Foundation Fieldbus – Foundation Fieldbus device type manager that works with FDT frame application.

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine

Bridge Master™ series

The partnership with the Sperry Marine® division of Northrop Grumman started back in the distant 1999 when it was still a part of Litton Marine Systems. Back then MANRO created the Singe Board Radar version of the Bridge Master™ series of marine radar navigation systems. This was an embedded system fully realized in C++, with specialized processors for handling the radar displays.

Vision Master™ series

Today MANRO is heavily involved in the development of the new VisionMaster™ marine radar navigation systems. VisionMaster™ is a revolutionary new platform for marine navigation. It’s realized in C# with the .NET Framework and allows for total control of a ship. VisionMaster™ is platform that incorporates in itself all the features needed for successful ship navigation, including Radar, Chart Radar (radar display overlaid on top of a map), ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System), Engine Monitoring and Central Console display.

Network Radar

Manro’s work on the Vision Master™ system began with the Network Radar. This is a unique system that utilizes the power of .NET Remoting to distribute radar and navigation sensor data through Ethernet connected consoles, allowing for grater control of the ship and significant reduction of costs for building the command and control consoles on ships.

Dual Radar

A pioneering technology the Dual Radar system allows for multiple radar pictures to be displayed simultaneously on the same screen, allowing for greater picture fidelity and greater radar coverage.

Communication DTM for FF NI Card

The Communication DTM for FFNI Card is an in-house developed product born out of the extensive experience of the team at MANRO. NI FBUS H1 Communication DTM is an application allowing observation of on-line statistics of FF H1 transactions on different interfaces of the NI board. It allows for observation of both Read and Write operations to connected Fieldbus devices in variety of configurations.

  • The communication DTM is designed to work with NI-FBUS™ Communicator and National Instruments™ FF H1 boards.
  • It supports FDT 1.2 Specification, FDT V 1.2 Addendum, and FDT 1.2 Addendum for FF H1.
  • The communication DTM for NI-FBUS™ runs under Microsoft® Windows® XP™ with SP2 and later or Windows™ Server™ 2003 and later.

Mix Control

Mix Control is an in-house developed product. Mix Control is a comprehensive fully featured command and control application for managing concrete plants. Features include:

  • Full monitoring and control of machinery automation
  • Support for multiple concrete recipes
  • Production volume management
  • Expedition control
  • Invoicing
  • Operator access control
  • Business reporting


MANRO is a custom software development company, specializing in embedded applications and industrial automation applications.

We provide technically advanced quality software to international clients including Fortune 500 companies.

The Manro team

MANRO was founded in 1988 with the development of a Windows-based Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) CASE tool. The platform at that time was MS Windows 2.03 and the development tools were Microsoft C and Microsoft SDK for Windows 2.03.

In 1990 the first version of CREON® was released – a SCADA CASE tool for applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The product was successfully applied in several Rusell-Uclaf factories in France.

In the beginning of 1992, a special version of CREON® was released for the needs of the biochemical plant in Pestera, Bulgaria. The customer needs forced an upgrade of the system so that it could handle the control of simultaneously running industrial processes. The task was very challenging, concerning the cooperative multitasking architecture of Windows 3.x. In addition, the nature of the biochemical processes triggered the implementation of a special control module based on fuzzy logic. All the applications of that SCADA software are still in use.

In 1992 the team participated in the first European presentation of Microsoft Windows NT operating system in Brussels, Belgium. Since then, most of the software applications the team created were based on Windows NT and Win32 API.

In 1994 MANRO started a co-op with the American company Genmark Automation, Inc. – a leader in wafer-handling robot manufacturing for the semiconductor industry. MANRO was involved in upgrading and supporting robot systems’ firmware. Simultaneously, MANRO managed to develop and apply a Manufacturing Information System (MIS) in the Genmark Automation facility. The system was based on the Microsoft Access.

In 1995 MANRO worked over a project named SERECA – including integrated environment for development, testing and running of SCADA systems, graphical description of the system configuration, algorithms and UI, and document generation. The product targeted Windows NT operating system and used its features as preemptive multitasking, thread synchronization, security, data logging, OpenGL-based 3D graphics.

In 1996 MANRO began a co-op with the American company Cody Automation Group, Inc. The cooperation resulted in releasing of several DOS- and Windows-based Data Acquisition (DA) software products.

In 1997 MANRO started a partnership with the German company Much-Net DV GmbH – a leading company in the domain of financial software for portfolio management and risk analysis. After nearly two years of collaboration and successful fulfillment of several projects Manro was recognized as a partner of significant importance with extensive IT knowledge and experience, persuading to the adoption of various leading-edge technologies and tools.

In 1998 MANRO utilized the Bosch® methodology for Object -Oriented Analysis and Design as part of the company’s Software Maturity initiative. The ultimate goal of this initiative should be compliance of the software process at MANRO with either ISO9000 series or CMM (Capability Maturity Model) standard.

In 1999 MANRO started a project for Sperry Marine® a division of Litton Marine Systems. MANRO contributed to the creation of some of the Bridge Master™ models of radar navigation systems for ships.

In 2001 MANRO started a still ongoing partnership with Invensys – a Fortune 500 company and global leader in the Industrial Automation sector. MANRO has contributed to many of the Invensys’s Foxboro brand products.

In 2004 MANRO produced MixControl© a full suite for automation and management of concrete plant facilities.

In 2005 MANRO once again partnered with Sperry Marine®, now a division of Northrop Grumman Corporation for the creation of Sperry Marine’s Vision Master™ series of radar navigation products.